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scene to carry simple

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enter medical helicopter rescue drills resort.Yesterday at the scene, the patrol found female victims immediately after the commencement of the rescue, with a skateboard and other ski injured isolation, to 999 alarms. Doctors believe that the ambulance can not easily reach the resort, a patient in critical condition, the need to inform the Huairou air rescue base to the rescue. Meanwhile ski dispatched five rescuers rushed to the scene to carry simple stretcher simple emergency.About 20 minutes later, the roar sounded the air, hovering helicopter drop. 999 medical staff and rescue team after the plane handover, China's first professional aeromedical support flight c nike roshe run cheapaptain Wei Yanfang quickly to rescue the wounded neck immobilization, splinting and emergency treatment of the lower extremities, such as an open airway. Then the rescue team with a stretcher transport helicopters carried the injured to nearby hospital for treatment. Entire rescue process lasted for about 20 minutes.According to reports, Beijing has a size of nearly 20 ski resorts, which have entered into a strategic partnership and the two 999 emergency center. Tourists in the ski resort in case of emergency, 999 will send a helicopter rescue treatment according to the conditions. Currently aeromedical flight rescue team

total of more than 50 people, in the scope of Beijing, Tianjin, in the shortest possible time to ensure that rushed to the scene. Next, the 999 emergency center will also work with more ski. TipSkiing how to avoid injury before skiing to make full warm-up activitiesform nike air max thea uker ski wear a hat, gloves, ski goggles, ski suits and try to wear professionaltry to take off the glasses and wearing ski goggles. Snow reflect sunlight very powerful, taxiing cold eye irritation great, but after the fall break will hurt the eyes of myopiaTo select the appropriate according to their level of piste, must not overestimate their own level and not act rashly. Most of the injured had been chosen because of high levels of pistesCheck skiing tools should be well checked skis and ski poles, including the availability of fracture where the holder is firmly connected, etc.Do not attempt to slide the ski boundaries. Do skiing slapstick collision doubtsWhy resort needs rescue helicopter Unlike ordinary area, the resort rescue what difficulty  Wei Yanfang reports, ski often far from urban areas, it is difficult to quickly reach the ambulance, and even reach the ski slopes from the entrance road to the location of the injured were covered with snow, the ambulance can not easily reach.In addition, injured in pre-injury often do high-speed

"transparent carrot", "Red Sorghum", "wine country", "sandalwood punishment", "Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out", "frog", etc. Starting this month, the mortgage monthly payments can also point less, on the job market this year archive files without paying storage fees, and the merger of urban and rural residents Medicare, payment deadline extended to the end of this ...... from this month, there are a number of local and nationnike free tr fit saleal implementation of the new policy, the Express reporter made a special comb, hoping to be useful for you. Coordinator: Express reporter accounted Wenping Write: Express reporter when accounting Wenping Li Xiao Hua Hua Juan CorrespondentMedicare merger of urban and rural residentsFrom January 1 this year, the Guangzhou urban residents medical insurance (mainly involves three types of groups: non-professionals, elderly people, minors and school students) and the new rural cooperative "merger", merged into the urban and rural residents in Medicare. After the system integration, in addition to already participate in employee health insurance outside of the insured person, all urban and rural residents in Guangzhou, regardless of residence, will be unified payment standard, unified treatment of the scope and standards.TipsA year to get their number 2015 Medicare payment

said the injured ski often

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movement, which can easily bring the cervical spine, waist, legs and other parts of the fracture. Medical staff to determine if the injury is unknown, in the process of moving easily cause secondary damage to the injured. At the same time the ambulance during transport, road bumps, will bring secondary damage.said the injured ski often lead to airway obstruction due to coma, there are a choking hazard. At this point, the medical staff  nike lunarglide 4 ukshould be slightly raised his cheeks, to ensure airway smooth.A helicopter rescue costs how much At present, Beijing Red Cross Society has aeromedical rescue site officially opened on October 28 last year after Beijing, Tianjin critically ill patients need emergency residents can call 010-999 phone or online application helicopter air rescue services.Rescue helicopter spent on an hourly basis, a rescue process takes about 10 million. Since last October 29, Beijing Red Cross in cooperation with China Life launched air medical insurance, insurance 999 yuan, 300,000 yuan can enjoy maximum security, insurance for a period of one year. "This also includes other relief, such as being bitten by poisonous snakes, you can also use a helicopter." 999 emergency center personnel said. According to the Department of State website 2 news, Foreign Ministry spokesman, said in

 answering reporters' questions, Zhang Kunsheng Assistant Foreign Minister has been removed from office.A reporter asked the Foreign Ministry website has a list of the principal officials are not included Zhang Kunsheng, may I ask why  Spokesperson, Zhang Kunsheng have been waived Assistant Foreign Minister post. Zhang Kunsheng suspected of discipline, is being investigated.Eighteen years, Zhang Kunsheng Department officially announced the first high-level diplomatic system officials sacked. Zhang Kunsheng into the diplomatic field for almost 30 years, Assistant position, was in charge of Latin America and concierge services, also serves as Chief of Protocol.Currently, the former director of the Information Department of the Foreign Ministry Qin Gang Zhang Kunsheng has succeeded, as Chief of Protocol. Qin Gang duties currently serves as Secretary news by Assistant Foreign Minister Linike free run 3 saleu.The UK elite US studies Ph.D.Zhang Kunsheng 2011 as Assistant Foreign Minister in charge of Latin America, and concierge services. Earlier, the Foreign Ministry website on the list of four Assistant, Zhang Kunsheng ranked first. According to published reports, Zhang Kunsheng last seen, is speaking at the ASEAN Regional Forum last December 8 in (ARF) Seaway safety seminar.Zhang Kunsheng born in 1958 in Kunming,

misbehavior, the level is not high, fool, mediocrity into the officer ranks. Some people like to manage society, the exercise of power, managing finances, the consequences must be very scary. And if the judiciary is also corrupt, the final collapse of the bottom line, the whole community is certainly Renxinbugu.Talk Chi nike air max 95 uknese DreamWe all want our country's prosperity, stability and peace in society, the family happy, want healthy and happy, and I think this is the Chinese dream main content. Chinese dream of millions of people who need to work together. Everyone has to do their own work, do a good thing, then this is possible to achieve a collective about artWriters, artists must be rooted in life, with the people with a common fate, and truly understand the thinking of the people want to know the hard life of the people.Mo YanBrief introductionFormerly tube mo industry, 1955 was born in Shandong Gaomi. The current vice chairman of China Writers Association, the CPPCC National Committee, China Academy of Art College dean. In October 2012, won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Representative works are

efforts are now beyond

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he did not stop. But now it seems, just really really catch the tube or keep things under control, and it turns out, only two years to live a basic tube. "It can be said that China's anti-corruption efforts are now beyond my imagination."Officials should be held responsible for bad social atmosphere first, "the official wind is not co nike air max 2015 salerrect, and the people will be crooked."Speaking to correct the "four winds" Mo Yan suggested that we should establish a cadre of the most fundamental concept is that your first job is the people in charge, the people responsible. Leading cadres should also have an eye to see through the show, see through the surface of the article, you should be able to find good nature of the problem. If you know someone acting below for you to see, you should jump on this stage, people do not play this role already preset. Such a mismatch, to correct the "four winds", and to engage in superficial, they will be a stop.Mo Yan said that the causes of corruption can not be entirely attributed to the institutional and social, "I think the first reason for that is there at all times of corruption, there are corrupt officials, have clean

 government. Another is to say, in the same system, The same social system, and some people greedy, greedy some people do not. "He said that, in a sense, corruption is not just a matter of officialdom, of course, bad social atmosphere, officials should bear responsibility first. "Official wind is not correct, and the people will be crooked." As for how to get those in power never dared to not be greedy greedy greedy do not want to, "I think one of the most fundamental understanding is to recognize the weaknesses of human nature, and then to build the nike air max 2015 womens  institutional weakness of human nature to guard against.""I think education and institution building must cooperate because education does play a role in some people, but it is not possible for everyone to play a role of honest glory, sermons, and the role of education such traditional culture of corruption and shame, of course, Such propaganda can vigorously, but must be built on the premise of this propaganda institution building, built on the constraints of the system under the premise of human weakness, this two-pronged approach, the effect was better. "he said.Talked about the

enormity of corruption, he said, it's not able to work overnight, people should reflect on the spirit of a little, can not take other people staring, staring at the officials, corruption light to see the dark side, "it should be changed bit to think about, if you put me in such a position, I can not grasp their own. "He said, convinced millions of people goodness, will form a great moral force. This makes a lot of evils moral force be limited, so many incorrect things corrected. So stick to it, the whole ethos of society will become better and better.Mo Yan Quotatnike air max 2014 womensionsTalk to stop the "four winds"Leading cadres should have one kind of eye, to see through the show, see through the surface of the article below ...... if you know someone acting for you to see, you should jump on this stage, people do not play this role already preset. Such a mismatch, to correct the "four winds", and to engage in superficial, they will be a stop.expectations for corruptionAnti-corruption is not a movement, but an important part of building the rule of law. Anti-corruption is the norm in the future. Establish and improve the anti-corruption, anti-corruption institutional mechanisms can certainly be a huge change in the atmosphere, have hurt the phenomenon has been fundamentally about the most serious

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